I’ve taken many courses over the years to grow my intuition and self healing, but without a doubt, the best I’ve ever been a part of are Cindy Rackley’s classes at RTF. The environment of the ranch where I was surrounded by dozens of extraordinary horses and other animals was truly breathtaking. I loved Cindy’s Introduction to Energy Medicine Course and Animal Communication and Energy Awareness Class. But my absolute favorites were her Reiki for Animals and Reiki Levels I, II, and III. These experiences have transformed my life. I highly recommend that you join any class Cindy teaches. Your life will be better for it! 
Thank you for all you do. 
Much love,

ReadingsI have known Cindy for quite a few years and have been witness to her clear communication that she has with Spirit.  She has assisted many individuals with guidance through her readings and teachings.  She works with humans and animals and is a bridge between the species.  Her level of integrity is impeccable and she is a very gifted psychic, animal communicator, teacher, healer and lightworker.Kristie Floyd ~ Washington

Healing and Teaching Cindy Rackley is a natural healer and teacher. She has a rare gift to create a peaceful environment which facilitates people in recognizing, accepting and deepening their innate communication with humans and animals. 
I have many stories to share about the results of Cindy’s work with humans and animals over the years. I have personally experienced as well as witnessed, freedom from pain, anxiety and grief. I can only imagine how the animals feel!
Neda DeMayoFounder, Return To Freedom – American Wild Horse Sanctuary

Animal Communication and Reiki ClassesI first met Cindy several years ago on an animal communication weekend that she was giving.  It was through her exceptional nature that I felt drawn to continue on my spiritual path and open myself up to new experiences.  With Cindy by my side as a Reiki Master, intuitive, healer and a friend, I feel very protected to open up to the child within me and am willing to explore who I really am.  Cindy has been there during powerful learning experiences and has guided me through, while at the same time silently watches as I experience my life lessons.  The environment that she creates has a very safe feel to it, enabling each one of us to explore new realms while finding self-empowerment.  Cindy has managed to blend all her teachings to create a balance that will suit everyone who is willing to open their heart and their mind.  She is able to show you another way of being – by just being!
Blessings,Anna Twinney, Reach Out to Horses, Colorado

I have had the honor of taking a few of Cindy's weekend courses at RTF- Animal Communication, Reiki Level 1 & 2, and Reiki for Animals. Each course has had a profound impact on how I moved forward in my daily life, and I often utilize and leverage what I learned in more, and different, ways than I imagined. Cindy has a very grounding and calming presence, and teaches in a way that both supports you in your journey and encourages you to do more. She is a gateway to seeing, hearing, and feeling animals in a whole new and magical way. Attending Cindy's workshops is one of the best self-care things I've ever done, and helped me expand on my ability to help others- especially the animals and horses I encounter. Such an honor to have been coached by Cindy!
- Kiz Richter

I took a class with Cindy at RTF, and it forever impacted the way I understand how we relate to others energetically. She facilitated an environment in our workshop that helped me attune to my intuition and identify it more clearly. Not only do I understand how to connect with my pets and horses at our local rescue in a more meaningful way, but it has also carried over into how I engage in social settings with people in a variety of ways. One workshop can truly open your eyes, and I highly recommend attending one with Cindy. She also offers valuable resources that I appreciated. If I were still in the area, I’d gladly take another workshop with her. She is a wealth of knowledge and a kind soul. Thanks, Cindy! 
  Jamie Heraver 

I was a Meditation Therapist for years before I encountered Master Cindy Rackley and her transmission of Reiki energy. I had been in Japan for 15 years studying and teaching Zen, in India working with an international leading cohort of energy medicine therapists - yet I only really resonated with Reiki and its flow of balancing and healing when I met and took Reiki 1+2 and the Master course with Cindy at Return to Freedom (RTF).
I’m sure it is the fusion of Cindy’s easy yet profound teaching method combined with doing this energy embodiment in the sphere of RTF’s wild horses - with their own masterful energies of love, and pure living Presence - that so connected within me to bring out of me a natural sense of my own Reiki masterhood. With her clinics I tapped into something in me that is now being shared into the world daily as Reiki, as I sense it is its purest, as I practice and share it.
Satya Keyes M.A., M.M., Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning. 2024.

I participated in Reiki I with Cindy Rackley at RTF. I found the class so engaging and impactful, I stayed for a second day for Reiki II. The course was hands on nearly from start to finish. The space felt very comfortable and inclusive, and I felt supported during and beyond the class.  
Cindy instructs in an engaging way and presented additional modalities that can be used in conjunction with Reiki and I felt confident in her knowledge and experience. I would recommend this course, with Cindy, especially in this extraordinary setting.  
Thank you! 

Since finding Cindy, my life has not been the same.I met Cindy when I attended her Animal Communication class.  A memorable part of the class was when a deceased horse contacted Cindy with a message for me.  Cindy had no prior information on the ’Palomino’ that had shared his life with me; the message she shared touched me deeply.   I was hooked…and today the relationship I have with my animal companions is more amazing than I could have ever dreamed. I then decided to take Cindy’s Reiki Level I Class.  I’d never heard of Reiki, but thought if it would help my animals, I wanted to learn about it.   It’s been a whirlwind since then, and  this year I completed Cindy’s ReikiMaster Class.   Reiki has touched every aspect of my life.  I had a colicky horse recover when the Vet was doubtful, and a Mare that was so lame she could barely walk, totally recover.  Dogs with hip and arthritis issues, begin running and playing like pups again.   I’ve seen finances, marriages, and an injured police dog make miraculous recoveries.  A friend headed for a liver transplant astound doctors when his liver started working again.    I could go on and on, but really there is no need.  If you’re reading these testimonials you’ve found Cindy for a reason.  Don’t doubt why you are here… it’s time. Blessings
,Laura Clarke    Arlington, WA 

I guess you could call me a full service customer of Cindy’s.  She has been invaluable to me personally, to my animals, and to my family.  I’ve taken reiki and animal communications classes from her.  She’s helped me solve physical, mental, and emotional challenges within me, with my herd of horses, my dogs, and my african gray parrot.  She’s coached my siblings and nephew in assessing and building competence in animal communications, muscle testing, and energy management.
Why do I use her so often?  First and foremost is her integrity.  Her energy is clean and not motivated by anything but to be of service.  She is encyclopedic in the depth and breadth of her knowledge in holistic approaches to health...both animal and human.   Her ability to tune in is magical to me and yet so ordinary for her. I’m constantly amazed to watch my animals actively show her what they want me to see.   Her accepting loving presence serves as a model for me in my work.  Bottom line, she is a world class healer and my first call whenever I reach the limits of my competence and clarity.   
Peggy GilmerExecutive Coachwww.peggygilmer.com

I am filled with  gratitude for the amazing session we had yesterday ~ it was truly life changing!   Today ~ I am lighter, more joyful, smiling, relieved and many other words!
Thank you so much for me and Milo and Joey ~ with all my heart.  You are a gifted channel, and you share honestly what I needed to hear yet with kindness and caring.
Karen Irland
Edmonds, Wa

Animal Communication
This class opened my mind and my heart to another dimension of the animals that I love and learn from. Most importantly, I learned to pay more attention to what they say and how they are trying to say it.
Far from "Kooky" This class was one of the most mind opening things I have done in animal education in years - I continue to grow from it in my personal life. Cindy has such an amazing ability to reach people and make them more aware of the world and the animals that we share it with. I highly recommend her! 
Suzanne Eviston, Officer Canine Unit ~ Von Grunheide Shepherds, Snohomish, Washington

Readings and Reiki Healing  How do you describe when someone comes into your life and makes such an impact that nothing will ever be the same?  That is how I would describe my life since I have had the pleasure and priviledge of having Cindy Rackley as a Reiki Master, healer and spiritual guide.  Her treatments have resulted in deep healings on a physical and emotional level and her readings have helped me through many difficult times.  There have been many experiences that have touched myself, my family, my work and my relationships in deeply profound ways.  I treasure Cindy and her work.Stephanie ~ Washington

Reading and Reiki I have a dear friend, mentor and guiding counselor in Cindy Rackley.  The Divine Light and Love she radiates through her being and as a Reiki Master is truly a wonderful gift she shares with all.  To me she is an instrument of the Divine Life Force available to us all.  Through her teaching, treatments, and readings she has lifted my spiritual growth.  She has expanded my desire to share with others even as she does by example. She is a Gold Glow of Light on this planet.Gayle S Alden ~ Washington 

ReadingCindy’s reading when my beloved nephew passed filled a need within me  which comforts, reassures and brings a smile to my heart.  When I most needed the connection, Cindy used her wonderful energy to tap into his spirit, newly crossed-over, and share what could only have been of him, in his words and essence.  A very powerful gift she has, which I remember daily in appreciation
.Ardi, Washington

Animal Readings and Classes
 I would never have thought that in meeting one person could change your life forever.  After working with Cindy extensively for the last year and a half, my entire life has changed course.  Before meeting Cindy, I did not know of holistic methods, Reiki, homeopathy or flower essences.   It was perfect timing in my life, as well as my horses, to learn about and impliment the use of these alternative practices.  The change in my horses was day and night.  I had horses go from cranky, sore, or not interested in working/people, to hanging their heads out of their stalls paying attention, happy, and wanting to go to work.  They started moving with greater ease, their mental states calmed and became more open to receive, and their coats/muscling/and body weight have never looked better.  With the knowledge I have gained from Cindy, applied with my own knowledge, I am now able to take horses that used to be considered "done", "throw away" or "not manageable" and turn them around to sound, happy, healthy, active horses.  One of the other benefits of using these methods is that my and my clients vet bills have dropped by two thirds!  There has been a dramatic drop in injuries as well as illnesses.  

I have been so moved with what I have learned from Cindy, I have now gone through Level I & II of Reiki training and  am in the process of being certified as a Reiki Master.  I too have moved to working with both horses and humans .  The best part of Reiki in my opinion, is that it not only helps heal you physically, it helps mentally and spiritually as well.  Things that modern medicine can not address.
 I couldn't recommend a better teacher for this path.
Staci Hill ~ Staci Hill Equine Training and Rehabilitation, Santa Ynez, Ca

Animal Communication  and Reiki
Cindy Rackley is amazing!I was having problems with my OTTB (biting, rearing, and charging) for some time and was at the point of selling him when I ran into someone who told me about Cindy and how she had helped her dog.  I figured "can't hurt might help" and gave her a call – and on the phone Cindy immediately got that Sarge was having head pain so we set up a date.

It was very interesting to watch Cindy start doing reiki on Sarge as he quickly relaxed more and more... until his head was drooping and his nose almost touched the ground!  At one point he must have felt something happening inside his body, or maybe he sensed the energy, because all of a sudden he jumped (like all four feet off the ground!) and startled the bejeezuz out of me - I knew then that something was working/happening!  Cindy was able to tell me all kinds of things about Sarge, but the things that stand out in my mind are the information about some of  his past homes (I had most of his history so I knew she was right), how he worried about my mare (who was sick), how he knew I was planning to sell him (I hadn’t told her this but I’d told him plenty of times), how he wanted a forever home some day, and that his TMJ was bothering him - JUST LIKE HIS OWNERS BOTHERED HER!  That one really shocked me as I've had TMJ issues for YEARS and I'd often seen Sarge do this strange thing with his jaw and heard a click and wondered if his jaw bothered him like mine did! 

Cindy gave me some different things I could do to help Sarge feel better and to regain his respect, trust and love and by the time she was walking to her car I felt a whole lot better about our future TOGETHER.  (Sarge was a different horse after she left and within a week I had back my "puppy dog horse" that followed me around and was ever so gentle.)
Something else strange happened that day as I walked Cindy back to her car... I mentioned that I had just started a new job and she said "it's not going to last".  My face must have looked upset because she immediately said "no, don't be upset - it will be OK, it's just not the right job for you but it will serve its purpose by getting you out of where you are and getting you to some place new.  The job that comes next is where you need to be and where you will make very important connections for your life."  Two months later I had a disagreement with my boss and was fired!  I was pretty upset but remembering Cindy's words, about the next job and everything being OK, kept me calm and now I work in a wonderful place where my boss is one of closest friends and we take reiki classes from Cindy together. 

Yes, we do reiki... I was so impressed with Cindy that day that I signed up for her next class.  Being a reiki student and practicing reiki has changed my life!  I am a much more grounded, calm and peaceful person than I ever was previously and I’ve had multiple old friends comment on this!
Kristi-Lynn Browne, Wa.

Animal Communication and Reiki
Today I went to see my horse, Wendy and family.   I dont know what you have been doing but there has been a real miracle.  Wendy is ZEN,  you cannot use another word,  she didn't string halt once and it seems to me that her thigh is starting to fill up.  I am sending today's picture of her right side and another one taken from the back where her pelvis seems a bit strater.   You are magic.  
B  ~ Geneva, Switzerland

I wanted to thank you so much for the excellent Reiki training and experience this weekend.  You are an excellent teacher and have truly made a difference in my life.  I have learned so much!
I hope to make you proud as one of the Reiki level three teachers you have trained.
Paul ~ Seattle, Washington

Meeting Cindy and taking the Reiki class changed my life forever.  When I took the Reiki class with Cindy I had no idea what a life altering experience it would be.  Working with her opened a door for me to follow my dream of working with horses again.  It was as if a light had been flipped on and it continues to shine.
You and your work are a gift!
Trac ~ Colorado

Animal Readings
Thank you Cindy for your reading on Stevie.  He was able to tell you about a huge concern in his environment that I had totally misinterpreted.  His life is worry free now, and he is a much happier horse thanks to your wonderful ability to communicate clearly with him.  Stevie and I can never thank you enough.
Melinda Ryan ~ Washington

ReikiThis Reiki Class will change your life…for the better!   Cindy demystifies this healing modality, breaking it down so that you can easily understand and apply the techniques, even if you have no prior knowledge of Reiki.  The nurturing environment that she creates enables you to learn at a deeper and more comprehensive level.  The only problem with the class was that I didn’t want it to end.Julie Nelson ~ FOTOS Dog Rescue, California

You have given me so much in such a small time.  I am clear that you are someone that I was connected to for learning and evolution.  Your words spoke straight to my soul and I would welcome any advice, wisdom, feedback, referrals, that you are feeling called to share.  I am honored to study under you and would be very interested in apprentice programs if you have them.
Shelley ~ Nevada

I want to thank all of you for your good thoughts, prayers, Reiki and support.  I would have fallen apart and the outcome might have been different had I not had all your prayers and good vibrations/intentions/energy.  A special thanks to Kristie Floyd and Cindy Rackley, Reiki Master and channelers extraordinare for treatments before and after my stereotactic biopsy.  I would have fallen and apart and the outcome might have been different if it weren't for you all.
Mel ~ Washington

Your readings appear to be timeless.  The guidance given in regards to my marriage and new beginnings I am embarking on now are absolute.  As my healing expands so does my awareness.
I am amazed at the truths in these readings.  Thank you for being there then and now.
Lisa ~ California

Reiki has totally transformed my life. The healing power of Reiki is such an incredible gift . It has taken me from a fearful and ailing person to one who is looking forward to what life is offering each and every day. I was recovering from an accident when I took Level I and after just a few months I began to see wonderful results and the beginning of a journey which has taken me all the way to Master Level and my own Reiki practice. It is the joy of my days to have a client be feeling "so much better" after one session, or to see an animal respond so positively to this energy….. Cindy Rackley is incredible. Her style of teaching is relaxed, informative and so very loving. I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to have this woman introduced into my life and to teach me the wonder of Reiki Healing.
Tess ~ San Diego, California

I have had the upper lobe of my right lung removed (1997). I have or had emphysema and COPD (since 1991). I have had throat cancer and taken Radiation and Chemotherapy for it (2003) so I have experienced lots of physical problems. At one point I was taking over 18 prescription drugs a day. I have always been called to be in the healing world but was not sure where. One day I decided I was going to study Reiki and this is how I met Cindy. After I have studied under Cindy Level I, II, and during my masters training with Cindy I was struggling with my lungs and breathing quite badly (my blood oxygen at this time was about 91 on a good day and this can be documented). As other practitioners worked on me under Cindy's direction my breathing became less labored and more regular and easy. The pain in my back was gone. Today 2008 I take no prescription medication NONE!! My blood oxygen is 95 on a bad day.
Arnold Coleman, Reiki Practitioner ~ San Diego, California

Thanks for the wonderful Reiki session.  Had Reagan out a week later and could not believe the difference in me.  Feeling a lot more energetic and went 2 weeks without needing a DMSO treatment.  Who says alternative medicine does not work?!
Thank you,
Susan ~ Washington

Cindy is an incredibly tranquil spirit.  It’s unnecessary to hear her speak to feel her wisdom touch you.  One session with her and you will personally be able to get in touch with the same Divinity she does.  She opens the doors to allow unrestrained understanding to flow into your heart and thoughts.  Her guidance released the cords that bound me to the “real” world.  Cindy gave me the power to recognize who I am,  what I am capable of and to not be afraid of the possibilities.
Jayna~ Washington

Cindy’s energy work with myself and my daughter changed our lives forever; we found within ourselves the tools for life – for finding peace, joy, relief when we need it and energy to help our hurting planet.  Her gifts will benefit us for our lifetime.  What a patient, loving light-spirit!
AF ~ Washington

Cindy opened a door for me that enabled me to realize my potential…she has incredible wisdom and compassion.  Cindy’s ease of Being creates a wonderful environment in which students can open themselves to learning and her loving support enables us all to take wobbly steps into the unknown with confidence and anticipation. 

Cindy’s ongoing loving communication well after courses have ended gives me the confidence to continue on a somewhat daunting life journey, knowing that she and other loving human beings are out there. 
Sally ~ New Zeland

I thought the class was terrific and that Cindy did an excellent job of presenting the information and helping us understand it.  It was more than just a little overwhelming and awe inspiring!
Sara ~ Washington
Disclaimer: These modalities of healing and education are designed to enhance the healing process and not intended to take the place of good medical and veterinary care.